If you face this error while trying to open project in VB6, and you have install Seagate (Crystal report) 8 or 8.5 there is only one way to solve this issue.

Must probably you try to google issue and find lots of non-scene information and solution which are not working. For your information re-install software is not good idea.

if you manage to solve it by re-installing  for sure after while you while face error again. If you fallow this steps you will solve this problem once for ever.


Run command prompt as Administrator.

if you search on google on how to run as Administrator, you will find lots of recommendation to setup scheduled with some command and if you try it on WIN 7 or Vista you will get nothing.

Best way to do is this:

  1. Download PSTools.
  2. Extract it in your HDD.
  3. Run the Command prompt.
  4. go into PSTools dir.

for example :

cd c:\PStools


        5. run this command: psexec -i -s cmd.exe

another window will open, agree and continue.


6. Now another CMD windows will open, with administrative rights.

step 2:

Now run the scr8_webregfix.exe. This file is create by SAP for repairing registry.

After you click on exe file it will extract on your hard disk. Please take not you have to remmebr the Path which

you extract exe file.

no you go to this Directory and run scr8_webregfix.exe.



if you fallow this steps you will solve this problem once for ever.